Conference Policy & Safety Precautions Regarding Coronavirus

The PRESENT Superbones Superwounds EAST 2020 Conference (SBSWE2020) scheduled to take place on April 3-5, 2020 at the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe will go on as planned. We have been monitoring the coronavirus news as we know you all are as well, focusing on news regarding the course of the disease in and around the meeting location. We continue to monitor local public health releases as well as news from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Registration is matching that of the last 2 years…we have had no cancellations and we are planning to run the event as scheduled, with the addition of a series of sensible precautions that are outlined below.

We want to assure everyone planning to attend the SBSWE2020 conference that their health, safety, and security is our top priority and that we have plans in effect to keep you as safe and secure as possible.


While the CDC notes that immediate risk from COVID-19 is low for all but elderly and immune compromised people, PRESENT will put the following precautions in place during the conference to protect all attendees:

  • Event will be declared a “handshake-free zone”. We encourage attendees to exercise greater than normal social distance interactions. The “elbow-bump” is the new handshake.
  • Lecture Hall will be set up with seats 2-3 feet apart and rows separated by tables.
  • Touchless Badge Scanning will be employed.
  • Touch-free Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout the meeting space.
  • Individual Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer will be given to all attendees in their conference bags.
  • All table surfaces and chairs in the Exhibit Hall, Lecture Hall, and Registration Areas will be treated at least twice daily with a carefully chosen 8% peroxide-based high hospital level sterilant/disinfectant. In addition, all entry/exit door handles to bathrooms and workshop rooms, as well as bathroom fixtures will be similarly treated at least twice daily.
  • Signs will be hung in all restrooms encouraging frequent hand washing.
  • We encourage elderly or immune compromised attendees to avoid public gatherings like this conference and shelter at home.
  • We encourage all attendees to take common-sense precautions and follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Any attendee showing signs of coronavirus or flu-like symptoms will be respectfully taken aside, counseled, and if believed to represent a high risk, will be given a full refund and asked to leave, for the safety of all other attendees.


Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, MD, says, “The vast majority of people who get this infection are not going to get very sick. They are going to have a mild illness and are going to recover”. It is becoming more widely accepted that many people get the disease and don’t even know it. For most people, this is not a “deadly disease”. The exceptions are people who are elderly or immune compromised. These people are at much greater risk and need to take much greater precautions. None the less, we at PRESENT are taking the above mentioned precautions and any others that we think of in order to keep our attendees as safe and healthy as possible.

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